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Sunday, December 25, 2011

#32: Christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone, but what a wonderful one it was.  Last night I went to sleep with the sense of complete peace that only Christmas can bring. The rest of the world, its business and noise, fades into the background. This Christmas, as the best Christmases always are, was a day of what really matters in life: love and laughter.

I'm thankful for every moment of this Christmas, but especially to have been able to spend it with family, both mine and Kegan's. Each member of our families is amazing , and I am often overwhelmed that I am blessed to be related to them all.

A few weeks ago I made a resolution that I would be present in the build up to Christmas to ensure that, come Christmas night, I would feel like the season had been totally fulfilling. I was hoping to avoid the seemingly inevitable, pressing sadness of its end. This resolution was half-successful. I relished in the shopping trips, movie viewings, gift-wrapping sessions, decorations, carols, and parties. These were moments I enjoyed to their fullest. And yet, the sadness of Christmas' end is still a feeling I cannot escape.  Simply put, I think it's natural. How can such a magical time of the year end, and one not feel sad to see it go? But as I write this I remind myself that it only ends if you mark the season by the calendar. What really makes Christmas special-- the selflessness, merriment, joy, generosity, and warmth-- can be carried throughout the year if you live a life that exudes those attitudes. Through my Thankfulness Project, and everyday living, I hope to do so.

Merry Christmas, to you and yours, from me. And Charlie.

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