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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#49: Fountain Cokes

Similar to my earlier post about grilled cheese, I am slightly amazed that it took me 49 posts to write about the wonderfulness that is a fountain coke. If I am addicted to anything, it's soda...more specifically a fountain soda. There's just something better about fountain cokes than one you drink out of a can or a 2-liter. Maybe it's the carbonation, maybe it's the syrup/water ratio...who knows! All I know is it's one of my favorite little pleasures in life. It sounds absolutely ridiculous to say, but my day gets a little better once I've had a fountain coke. Sometimes I wish I could go to a 50s style Soda Fountain to sit at the bar and drink coke after coke. Absurd? Sure. Do they make me happy? Totally. I know there are many more significant aspects of my life for which I am thankful, some of which have been written about already, and many more that are left to be reflected on. But I also believe in the importance of being grateful for small pleasures, and a cold, refreshing fountain coke is one of my favorite small pleasures.

Thanks also to my sister, Liz, who supplied me with the soda!

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