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Sunday, January 15, 2012

#53: Three Day Weekends

To me, the ideal weekend includes the following: a run (ideally long), time with friends and family, the completion of some errands, progress on some long-term project I never seem to get to work on during the weekend and, of course, lots of vegging on the couch with movies, tv and a good book.  In the typical weekend it is rare for all of these to be accomplished. Maybe that's why it always feels like Monday comes too soon, and while I often have good weekends, on Sunday nights I rarely feel like I got as much out of the weekend as I had wanted.

Therein lies the beauty of a three day weekend. Heading into a Monday off, I am well on my way to having accomplished all that makes the ideal weekend, and am thankful for these little three-day stretches of time.

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