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Friday, February 3, 2012

#72: Jen

Jen is my co-worker, Language Arts partner, and the first to see me this morning in my slightly disoriented state (see my post about Cold Medicine ). “What’s wrong with you?” she asked, my NyQuil-addled state not as inconspicuous as I had hoped. All I had to do was tell her I wasn’t feeling well, and Jen was immediately to my rescue.

She pulled me into her room, handing me vocabulary resources she had made for her classes, so that my students could work independently. It went along very well with my intended lesson plan for the day, so I gratefully took them; using these resources allowed me to have productive classes despite the fact that I wasn’t feeling 100%. This selfless gesture and willingness to help encapsulates Jen and how wonderful she is, both as a coworker and friend.

Jen and I have been coworkers for six years, but this is the first year we are actually working together as a team. I feel so blessed to be paired with her. She is a phenomenal teacher, and I love sharing students and teaching responsibilities with her. Jen is the kind of teacher whose classroom you walk into and can literally feel the learning that’s happening within its walls. We bounce ideas off one another for lessons, activities and projects, and I am so appreciative that I work with someone who is so willing to collaborate. The students we share are learning so much from her, and I am as well.

She has a number of wonderful personal attributes in addition to her professional ones. She has a biting sense of humor that is hysterical…I don’t think there’s been a single day that I’ve been around her and she hasn’t made me laugh.  She’s irresistibly likeable, one of those rare people whom you know everyone genuinely loves and loves to be around. There’s an ease about her that is calming and reassuring, she’s supportive and reliable…qualities that make her a great co-worker and great friend. Jen is someone you want on your team—literally and figuratively—and I am so thankful she’s on mine.

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