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Sunday, February 12, 2012

#80: Erinn's Invitation to Run

Two weeks ago I began my training for a half in May and I was completely motivated to being my program. A week later I developed bronchitis, and it put a total stop to my plan. I stressed about losing a week so early in the schedule, but simultaneously lost the momentum I had been trying to build. With the intention to start running during the weekdays I planned to get myself on the treadmill for at least a one hour walk this morning. But even I knew this wasn't enough. The one hour walk would have just quieted the nagging guilt of continuing to be sedentary, but it really wouldn't do anything for my half-preparation. Luckily Erinn texted me to see if I wanted to meet her for a run this morning, and it was exactly what I needed to re-jumpstart training.

Running is one of the most important aspects of my life, but like most people, I sometimes struggle to motivate myself to exercise, regardless of how much I do truly enjoy doing it. On a Sunday morning, when you're still feeling slightly under the weather and are on the couch, bundled up in blankets with a cat lying on your feet, it's not so easy to just get up and go. But an opportunity to run with a good friend, have some company in the cold and put another run in the books can outweigh even all of that pleasantry. Thanks, Erinn, for getting me to run today and the run itself. Next time we BOTH wear day-glo skeleton gloves.

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