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Monday, February 13, 2012

#82: Flowers

Kegan brought me flowers tonight, a day before Valentine's to surprise me (although I would've been surprised anyway, because I never expect them). I know a lot of women say they don't like flowers-- I've heard comments like, "they are so stereotypical" and "they just die." Although this nonconformist attitude is a perspective I might be expected to have, I truly love when Kegan gets me flowers. I have a vivid memory of the first bouquet Kegan ever gave me, and for our 1st wedding anniversary he had my wedding bouquet remade and preserved because he knew how much those flowers meant to me. I am thankful for the flowers he brought me for this Valentine's Day and all the flowers he's ever given me. They are beautiful, precious in their brevity, and, in my opinion, not a stereotypical gesture of love but a timeless one.


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