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Thursday, April 5, 2012

#130: Katelynn

Katelynn and I met at the start of freshman year of college. In a story I recounted just last night, she made a snap judgement about me based on that first meeting: "You were wearing a green striped polo, orange zip-up track jacket, and those beat-up khaki colored flip flops with the little holes...being a social butterfly. I just figured there was no way we'd be friends." I am so thankful that judgement was a complete fallacy, as Katelynn is now, in reality, one of my best friends.

We actually became fast friends, despite my questionable clothing choices (and looking back on it, really, what was that outfit?) She was virtually my third roommate, as she spent lots of time in my freshman dorm room with Malorie and me. I would regularly come back and find her napping on our floor or watching Trading Spaces, and I always loved finding her in 310. We joined forces as an impressive beer pong team, running the tables at parties and clenching victories with prayers, adopting the name 'Team Jesus' (blasphemous, maybe...but I am pretty sure Jesus is down with beer pong). She was my partner in crime that year, climbing over fences and posting strange magazine clippings we photocopied throughout the ten floors of our dorm building. I learned very early on in our friendship a reality that remains true to this day: any time spent with Katelynn is a guaranteed good time.

We lived together for the rest of college with the rest of our best friends. Like those girls Katelynn became a staple in my life, and in many ways, a force in it as well. We've been through a lot together. We've seen each other each through the loss of a parent and personal struggles, cheered each other on through marathons and discovered the absolute wonderfulness that is hot sauce beer together. One of her qualities I most admire is that she tells it like it is: I know Katelynn will always be truthful and give me her honest opinion, which is why I turn to her for advice regularly. She is fiercely loyal, unbelievably intelligent, beautiful on the inside and out, kind, and a friend who would be there for you in any capacity, at any time. It's been nearly ten years since we've become friends, and sometimes I still catch myself thinking back to that first meeting. I wonder, "What if we hadn't become friends?"I cannot even imagine that, because my life has been defined in so many ways by my friendship with Katelynn. She has added so much strength and levity to it, and I am a better person because I know her.

As we recounted our college shenanigans last night, Katelynn said one of her favorite stories about me was how I saved up snapple caps for her over winter break our freshman year. I was so excited to give them to her, I barreled down our hall with all of them in my hands, and naturally tripped and face planted. Snapple caps went everywhere, and Kate came out to find me sprawled on the floor laughing hysterically, the sight of which naturally caused her to break up, as well. In a lot of ways, I think that is a metaphor for our friendship: I would give and do anything for her happiness, as I know she would for me; when I fall flat on my face (which I often do), she's always there to pick me up; and no matter what, we'll always be laughing together, obnoxiously and loud.

We may never know who knocked over the eggs, but I will always know that in Katelynn, I have a buffa for life.

Buffa Love

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