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Monday, April 16, 2012

#138: Wegmen's

Monday is my standard grocery shopping day. The idea of grocery shopping always annoys me: it's just another chore, a roadblock between work and settling in at home. But then I get to Wegmen's and my whole attitude changes. There's something about that store that relaxes me in a way no other grocery store can. Who are we kidding? We know I've analyzed this. It's the smell of freshly baked bread, the subtle, calm lighting, their extensive whole foods and organic aisles...which I browse in more than I shop in, visualizing my ideal self who would patron that section of the store only... until I head off to get a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Wegmen's is everything a grocery store should be. I always enjoy my time there, despite the dread I tend to feel having to go there.

And beyond Wegmen's being a straight up-awesome grocery store, I also factor in the recognition that I should be grateful to live in a society where that is all I have to do in order to fill my fridge and cabinets with food. Although I often take for granted the many luxuries and privileges of living where and when I live, I do regularly remind myself to be thankful of them. Due to the aforementioned "dreading" of having to go grocery shopping this reminder is usually accompanied by guilt and self rebuke, but hey-- that's what the Ben & Jerry's is for!

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