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Sunday, April 22, 2012

#143: Rainy Day

I realized midday that I was complaining a lot about the rain. In my mind I was imagining all that I could be doing with a sunny Sunday, and was very Debbie Downer when I ran the only errand I had to do-- a quick in and out of Target-- and was uncomfortable getting even the least bit rained upon. But when my negative attitude started to wear on me, I realized I needed to garner the power of this project and look to what I could be thankful for about this rainy day. So here it is: since we've been in a drought, this rain is desperately needed. In honor of Earth Day, I'm glad plant life is getting much needed precipitation. While I would've loved all of my imagined outdoor hours, I enjoyed being able to lay around in sweatpants and catch up on my DVR (without the guilt of wasting sunshine). My car is getting a much-needed washing, free of charge. And, as cliche as it may be, I'm thankful that rainy days make me more appreciative of the sunny ones.

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