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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#154: Kim

My students have begun a research paper, which means I've begun three of the most delightful weeks of my school year, because I get to spend them in the library with our school librarian, Kim.

For a Language Arts and Literature teacher, there is arguably no one more resourceful in your daily professional life than the school librarian. I hit the jackpot when I was hired to teach at the school where Kim, librarian extraordinaire, works. She's truly amazing: with a history teaching background and personal love of literature she has the perfect blend of instructional skill and passion. Today in her introductory lesson to my classes she was reminding them that her job is to prepare them to independently research as well as find books that they love to read, and I was reminded just how well she achieves both of those objectives on a daily basis. She can steer any kid in the right direction, drops the titles of great novels on demand and has cultivated a library that is energetic and the homiest, most cheerful part of my school. Since I began my teaching career Kim has been supportive of me and my work with my students, and I've so thankful for everything she's done for me and for them.

Beyond being a fabulous librarian Kim is also, simply, a fabulous person. She is so great to talk to, laugh with, and the first person to offer me baked goods if they are available (which is a quick way to make me fast friends). For the first four years of my teaching career my classroom was right next door to the library, and I couldn't have loved that more. I didn't just appreciate my vicinity to my favorite place in the school, but took comfort in knowing I was only minutes away from seeing one of my favorite colleagues. Any librarian is held in high regard in my opinion, but Kim is one I hold in the highest of regards.


  1. While I don't have a blog, I am so thankful for wonderful teaching partners like you. I value our friendship and our collaborations, and am so grateful for your clear support and reinforcement of the lessons we share. Your students are lucky to have a teacher with your dedication and love for your subject.
    And this made me teary. Thank you.

  2. Kim and Maryellen,

    It made my day to be present for the unplanned exchange between the two of you in the North Library. I was truly in the right place at the right time! And, to then have a chance to visit the Thankfulness Project, well that just topped it all off!

    Your mutual admiration is palpable, and your collaborative spirit is infectious. You are kindred spirits.