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Thursday, May 3, 2012

#156: Cozy Autumn Vanilla

One of my takeaways of The Happiness Project was that you should splurge on little luxuries that make you happy. Shortly after internalizing that I found myself at Bath & Body Works, which had just released their Cozy Autumn Vanilla line. I loved it, and bought every product. Normally I would've considered that excessive, but I kept hearing Gretchen Rubin's voice in my head encouraging me to do it. And honestly, it might be ridiculous, but my Cozy Autumn Vanilla products do make me happy. I haven't used them in a while, but was reminded of how wonderful it is when I found a body wash.

Yes, seriously. Today I am thankful for Cozy Autumn Vanilla body wash. That's the beauty of a thankfulness project...you see reasons to be grateful everywhere and in everything.

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