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Thursday, May 10, 2012

#163: A Working Shower

Kegan and I have long been ignoring the signs that our shower has slowly been becoming inoperable. Yesterday we came to a crossroads: it broke. For a while it was stuck on, and we feared we wouldn't be able to turn it off. Then we were able to turn it off, and we feared we wouldn't be able to turn it on. We placed a phone call to have a plumber come over as soon as possible, but we were faced with the realization that we potentially would not have a working shower until then.

I can't say I enjoy my morning routine. I think I would love it if it didn't occur so early, as I feel like I go through the motions half asleep, and spend most of my pre-commute hour wishing I was back in bed. That being said, the thought of a disruption to my usual routine was concerning. It reminded me how much what I should appreciate on a daily basis-- the little things that become background noise to our days-- are often only appreciated until we are threatened with living without them. Suddenly it became apparent to me how disrupted my day would be without a working shower, and how thankful I should have been the 10,000+ days of my life in which I had one!

Spurred by that thought, I convinced Kegan we needed to give it one more try. Armed with a screwdriver and a wrench, we found a way to make the shower work. Granted "cold" is now "hot", "hot" is now "cold", and there is approximately a one degree angle at which you need to have the level turned in order to have the shower turned off. But it works! And for that I will shout my thankfulness off rooftops.

Tomorrow I imagine I will be thankful for plumbers.

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