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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#189: The Promise of Summer

I am officially on day two of summer vacation: one of the major perks of being a teacher. Now, if you asked me from an educators' perspective, I would tell you that I do not think summer vacation is the best for kids. The calendar is an antiquated one, and what would likely increase student performance would be "year round" schooling-- students in school for 2-3 month stretches with 1-2 week breaks in between (granted that means I also believe educators would need to be paid as 12 month employees, as well). Many of my fellow educators reading this are nodding their heads, while many are likely shaking their heads at disgust at this viewpoint. It's definitely a controversial topic in my field.

That being said, if you asked me from a personal perspective, I would tell you that I LOVE summer vacation. Who wouldn't?! I get 10 interrupted weeks off from my job, time that I get to do whatever I want with. Thatis one of the aspects I appreciate most about summer: the promise of the time this season blesses me with. Their are so many projects I want to complete, books I want to read, naps I want to take, people I want to see, things I want to do...unfettered by my job, it is all within reach. Will it all come to be? One can hope. Regardless, I have the promise of achieving it all, because I have the promise of summer.

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