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Friday, July 6, 2012

#198: Parathletes

The excitement of the upcoming Olympic Games is underway! Kegan and I have watched a decent amount of trial coverage, and when the world is watching London, we will be, too. But I think no matter how impressed I will be at the amazing achievements of the greatest athletes of Earth, I will not be as impressed as I am by parathletes.

The Paralympic Games happen as part of the Olympics, and so with the Olympic coverage amping up, there are also promotions for the Paralympics. I've seen parathletes in person at nearly every race that I have been a part of, and am always moved by their triumph. So many people who are perfectly abled do not exercise or compete, compromised by a lack of will power, deluded by excuses, or without motivation. And here are people who could have justifiable reasons not to be active-- faced with impaired or amputated limbs, weighted by the emotional and mental stress of their situations-- and they would never consider any of that a "justifiable reason" not to be an athlete. People don't like to think of the "what ifs" in life, but I have always said, god forbid anything were to happen to me, I would work hard to become a parathlete. Running is a main part of my identity, and I would never want that to be compromised.

I am thankful for parathletes; they motivate and inspire me, remind me that we all have an inner strength that, if we're willing to dig deep enough, can get us through anything.


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