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Thursday, July 26, 2012

#205: Moon Gazing

When I was little I reportedly requested, often, to be taken outside to see the moon. This is a sight I am still regularly awed by-- when I catch it outside a car window, or when a harvest moon overtakes the sky.

Last night I noticed the moon from my bedroom window. In a nod to my childhood, I made Kegan come out in the backyard to see it outside. He was not as into the moment as I was, but it was peaceful to stand out amongst the fireflies and crickets, and just take it in.

I rarely these days make it a point to go look at the moon like I did when I was little, but it's something that brings me such calm that I want to make an effort to do it more. When I have kids I want to bring them outside-- pajamas and all-- to look at the moon and the stars. It reminds me how big our world is, how connected we all are, how the trivial worries that are so overwhelming should just be dismissed, and how accessible a quick escape can be. Just look up.

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