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Monday, September 3, 2012

#244: Once

As an anniversary present, Kegan took me to see the Broadway musical Once this past weekend. I've wanted to see it for quite sometime (since even before it won the Tony for Best Musical) so I was thrilled to go. Once was first a movie, and many people who've seen it have suggested it to me, but I never got around to watching the film. I love a night out to the theater, and this was no exception. It's an unconditional love story with a subtle message about those that come and go in our lives, and the music is moving. The most popular song from the score, "Falling Slowly", is one that I had heard and have liked prior to seeing the play, but it was so much more powerful in person. I'm thankful to have seen this show, and more so grateful to have experienced it with Kegan in honor of our anniversary.

"Falling Slowly"

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