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Monday, September 10, 2012

#250: Jan

For six years now I have been blessed to work under the tutelage of a great supervisor, Jan. While she helps in countless ways throughout the entirety of the year, I find myself especially grateful for her now, at the beginning. As we all face the stresses and abundant expectations of the new school year, Jan always makes it clear to us as a department that she's here for us, that she trusts us, and that she understands what we're going through and facing. She also has high expectations for us, motivating us that we can be the best teachers we can be, encouraging us to evolve within our individual classrooms and as a department as a whole.

Jan has always been a major source of support for me, mentoring me throughout my career, encouraging and fostering my growth as an educator. Just this weekend she helped me work through a conflict, tempering my stress with humor and grace. She's someone I know that I can turn to with any need I face, and while those are primarily professional needs, I would also feel completely comfortable going to her with personal issues, as well. Jan is, in this sense, the ideal supervisor: I wholeheartedly respect and admire her and her leadership, which motivates me to be be a better teacher not just for my students but to make her proud.

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