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Sunday, September 16, 2012

#255: Photographs

One of my summer projects was to "deal with my photographs". I had a lot of prints that hadn't been put into albums or properly organized, as well as every digital photo I've taken since graduating college just sitting in iPhoto. I resolved to tackle these loose ends, and during my actual summer vacation I did deal with all of the loose prints.

This morning I sat down at my computer to begin sorting through my digital photos, organizing them into albums that I could ultimately order and have printed. It was so wonderful to go through the photos, seeing my nieces and nephews in their younger years, recalling great trips and times with Kegan, my family and friends.

Despite feeling initially like I had so many photos, I inevitably wished I had more. It's encouraged me to make more of an effort to take more photos and not just let them sit on a computer. I'm grateful for all  of the photos that I have, and the time that I spent going through them. It's another way to live out my Thankfulness Project: I can't help but see the smiling faces of my loved ones or recollect amazing experiences I've had without feeling grateful for them.

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