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Sunday, September 30, 2012

#268: Erinn

Erinn has played a major role in my life during its most recent years, but she's actually been a part of it for far longer than that. We grew up in the same small town, went to high school together, and her older sister (who was the same year as me in high school) was someone I knew well and hung out with on occasion. Erinn and I then ended up at the same college, and while we were years apart and had never talked much, I always made it a point to wave to her when I saw her on campus.

It was at our college that Erinn met Brian, Kegan's cousin, and her now fiance. It was because of their relationship that Erinn and I came to really know each other. While I am unbelievably thankful for Brian and Erinn as a couple, selfishly I must admit I am also thankful for their relationship because it resulted in me gaining a best friend in Erinn, as well.

One of the reasons we became so close is because we discovered we have so many similarities. We both love to read and share a very similar taste in books, we're aspiring writers, run and have run together often, appreciate the same dark humor and in general think alike. She is so easy to talk to, and we can talk seemingly for hours with one another...and in doing so we've forged a bond that made her feel like family way before she officially became part of it.

Beyond our likeness, Erinn was so easy to become close to just because of who she is. She is wickedly intelligent and funny, cares unbelievably deeply for those close to her, gives great advice and always is willing to lend an empathetic and understanding ear to my various qualms, neurosis and concerns. She's supportive and thoughtful, often dropping by with little gifts she's picked up that remind her of me or is something she thinks I'd like (and she's always spot on with that). I love hanging out with her; we spend a lot of time together going running, out to eat, to happy hours, or just bumming around my house together.  I've always loved Kegan's family and spending time with them, but now I love it even more because Erinn's a part of all of those gatherings, too.

Erinn and I recently talked about how we can be very social people, but also very guarded. She actually sent me a quote by Sylvia Plath that summed up this juxtaposition: "I like people too much or not at all." Erinn would be one of those people, then, that I guess I like too much...and I've learned from her that I need to be more open to the possible friendships that are around me. Who would've known at the time that the girl I would pass in my high school hallways would become one of my nearest and dearest friends? What I do know, now, is that I am unbelievably blessed that she did.

Erinn and me
(love this picture of us, although I desperately wish I could fix my hair in it)
(I add that caveat because I know that's something Erinn will understand)

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