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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#278: Jackie

This afternoon I breezed into Jackie's classroom, and found her at her desk on her laptop.

"I joined Pinterest," she announced. I immediately froze, my love of pinterest well known by my friends (and thought to be bordering on addiction). I couldn't gauge from her voice whether she liked it or not...but as most people who end up on the site agree, Jackie's a fan. But then Jackie quickly revealed how she's not like most people.

"I'm going to have to make you garlic bread!" she said, smiling, referencing my most recent 'pin' of a garlic bread recipe. To her this was probably just an innocuous statement, but to me it typified Jackie and who she is. Always thinking of others, always willing to do things for and be there for her friends, Jackie is super thoughtful, generous and selfless. Pinterest can be a very self indulgent website, and the fact that she was thinking how she could use it to do things for others is quintessential Jackie. I laughed and agreed that that would be amazing (because who doesn't love garlic bread?!), but I was also so touched by what, to Jackie, was probably not a big deal at all. Jackie is a friend who carries herself with such grace that it's just part of her nature-- she doesn't think much of the hours she spends baking, or the  attention she'll immediately give if you want her advice, or the time she'll spend just being with her friends-- she's an absolutely amazing person and friend, and is made even more so because she gives of herself so completely and naturally. She's also one of the funniest people I know...which time spent with Jackie (best with a couple of sangria swirls) is bound to result in a lot of laughing.

I met Jackie because she co-taught with me my first year. I've always felt somewhat bad that she was partnered with me in what was my most novice year, a year during which I know I didn't give as much to our partnership as I have in the preceeding years with future partners. But I will always be so thankful that we were put in a classroom together...one year of working together has resulted in 7 years of friendship, a friendship I am extremely thankful for.

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