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Sunday, October 28, 2012

#289: Brianna

If you’re going to have a party, you’d benefit from having one of my best friends on your guest list. Amidst my party planning and preparations, Brianna proved herself to be such an asset. She was one of the most enthusiastic of all of my guests for the event itself, offered and ultimately made multiple desserts, showed up the day of with a beautiful gift for us for hosting, and spent a good chunk of time during the party itself helping me with the dishes. No matter how many times I tried to insist she just be a “guest”, Brianna refuted that she wanted to help, and it was made so evidently clear that in Brianna’s mind the role of a guest is to be fully supportive and generous to the host. Brianna happily washing dishes for nearly an hour tonight is a testament to just how amazing of a person and good of a friend she is.

While Malorie was my freshman year roommate, and with that role we had connected prior to school even beginning, but Brianna was the first true friend I made at TCNJ. Nearly 30 it is now embarrassing to admit my instigating conversation with her, but bear in mind I was 17 at the time…and I needed to point out a good-looking guy I had been noticing all day. Scanning the crowd of my new floormates I picked out the most welcoming, friendly female face I could find, and in that moment Brianna became an ally. She agreed he was very good looking, did not judge me for being so shallow, and our friendship was solidified. I couldn’t tell you the name of that guy anymore, or even what he looked like, but I am so thankful that he caught my eye as often as he did…because 10 years later Brianna remains one of my best friends.

Brianna is one of the few people I think you can judge in mere minutes of meeting her. I might have been searching for the most welcoming, friendly face I could find...but Brianna truly is one of the most welcoming, friendly people around. She's physically beautiful, but more importantly she has a beautiful spirit. She's giving, kind, has a huge heart, gives great advice, and only wants the best for the people in her life. A girl's night out...specifically one that involves dancing to 80's music...is not complete without Brianna, and my life wouldn't be, either. 

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