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Friday, November 2, 2012

#294: Halloween

The hurricane has thrown us all for a loop...even me, who wasn't nearly as impacted as most. And so Halloween, my favorite holiday next to Christmas, came and went without recognition. Trick-or-treating in my town was canceled. My usual pilgrimage to my brother Dennis' to partake in Halloweek-- a family tradition he established in which we watch a scary movie each night leading up to Halloween- never happened. The 31st passed with my family happily together in a warm, lit house, all agreeing it didn't quite feel like Halloween this year.

That being said, I am still thankful for Halloween. It's one of my favorite American traditions...that as a society we celebrate childhood, encouraging kids to dress up and indulge in candy. I grew up with a bit of a dark, macabre inclination; a holiday that celebrates spookiness, where one delights in a good natured scare, decorates their home with pumpkins and an homage to happy haunts is always one I will thoroughly enjoy.

I may not have been able to so much this year, but tonight Kegan and I watched "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", and I reveled in my own quiet way for Hallowween...already looking forward to next year's.

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