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Friday, November 9, 2012

#300: Kristin

Today on facebook my friend and coworker Kristin posted the following: "Bianca's (her dog) wish came true: my pool is destroyed." As a result of the recent hurricane a tree fell on her pool, and she imagines that her dog, who is deathly afraid of water and hates to swim, is rejoicing.

Of course I am not at all happy to hear the news about the pool, but I did have to chuckle at the status itself, imagining Bianca the only one happy of the pool's demise, and also to marvel at my friend...that amidst something terrible she found a light hearted, potentially positive side. But that is Kristin: light hearted, positive, quick to smile and bring a smile to others.

I've loved getting to know Kristin over the years. She is an absolute ball to hang out with, and a friend I know that I can always count on. I recently needed advice and I knew she was the perfect person to go to...and she was, offering me really great, logical, sound suggestions. Kristin cares deeply for her loved ones, and you can see it as her eyes genuinely light up when she talks about her boyfriend, her parents, her sisters; you can hear it in the levity of her laugh when she's with her friends. To honor her passion and career, I say this resoundingly and with the help of google translator: Estoy agradecido de tener Kristin como amigo!

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