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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

# 313: Kegan

Nine years ago yesterday Kegan asked me to be his girlfriend; seven years ago yesterday he asked me to marry him. These were the two best questions I have ever been asked, the two easiest yeses I have ever uttered, and the two moments of my life for which I am most grateful.

As I think is true with the best love stories, when I met Kegan, I met my ultimate best friend. He knows me more completely than I know myself. He makes me laugh harder than anyone. He has seen me at my worst and loves me in spite of it; he brings out the best of me and makes it better.

The words to fully express how thankful I am to be his wife, to have him as a husband, do not exist. There is too much to appreciate, too many moments to acknowledge, too much depth to my love for him. It is the reason I have saved this reflection for as long as I have…I have hoped that the words would materialize, but it is becoming more and more evident that there aren’t any, as is true with the best of things, always.

But in this present moment- the first day of the last year of our first decade together- I am feeling particularly thankful for this when it comes to my amazing husband: that he kisses me on the forehead when he leaves so early that I have yet to wake up, as he did this morning; that the cat napping on my legs right now is here because he was willing to suffer through his allergies to give them a home and make my childhood Christmas wish a reality; that his laugh is my favorite sound; that he thinks I am beautiful when I wear sweatpants; that he knows, without me needing to say it or write it, how happy he’s made me each and every day since that blessed day we were in the right place, at the right time, and met each other.

Just this past weekend I asked Kegan to truly appreciate just how minute our chances were of meeting each other, to appreciate the alignment of events that allowed us to cross paths. Without skipping a beat he told me that was unimaginable. When I asked him what he meant by that he replied, “Because I would have found you.”  

And it’s for that—that he did find me, and that I found him—that I am most thankful.

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