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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

#6: Enthusiastic Readers

This morning, walking into the building, I bumped into one of my favorite students. He smiled hugely when he saw me and immediately launched into a novel review, insisting that I had to add this particular book to my 'To Read' list. Later in class students literally jumped out of their chairs at the chance to borrow two new books I purchased for our classroom library, and raced each other to put their names on the "waiting list" once the books had been randomly distributed. And then, at the end of the day, another student stayed after school to show me the trailer for The Hunger Games. He knows how much I love the series, and since he's reading it, too, was really excited to talk about how good the movie looks (even though we already know the book, in the end, will be preferred). Today, I'm thankful for enthusiastic readers. Yes, they make my job easier. But more so than that, it's days like today-- sharing such positive moments with so many kids-- that make me thankful to be a teacher.

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