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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#21: Sisterly Hangouts

Yesterday my sister, Liz, and I went Christmas shopping and then watched the finale of one of our favorite tv shows, The Biggest Loser, together.  It was a really nice day, and we've already agreed we want to do it again next year. We helped each other pick out gifts, kept each other sane amongst the crowds and less-than-merry retail employees, and had a few laughs along the way. It was almost a reflection of our relationship: we're always there to help each other, we keep each other sane, we laugh a lot (and in a way that only sisters can, usually at each other).

My sister and I have a very special relationship, one that will someday be the sole focus of a post. But today I am specifically thankful that we had yesterday together. This can be a very busy time of year. It's the time you most want to spend with family and friends, but I've had Christmas seasons in the past when I felt like I didn't really get a chance to be with them until Christmas Eve. I'm glad my sister and I had the forethought to set yesterday aside for each other; it's what the holidays are about, after all.

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