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Friday, January 6, 2012

#44: Fridays

There is little as satisfying as a Friday. It's a win-win day. Work makes me feel productive, but then I also have the anticipation of and comfort in knowing the weekend has arrived and it's time to relax.

I learned quickly after becoming a teacher that Friday night is no longer the Friday night of my youth. I often find myself exhausted once I "let go" at the end of the day, finally able to dial down after the work week.  Kegan and I discovered last year during marathon training the wonderfulness that is a quiet Friday night. We usually get dinner together- take out, or I cook so we don't have to go anywhere- and then we bunker in. We'll watch a movie, play a game, and I am often asleep early...sometimes earlier than any other night of the week! And I love it!

This particular Friday night is much appreciated after my first week back since winter break. The plan is sushi, scrabble or Invictus, and the beginning of weekend unwinding.  I'm thankful for this particular Friday, and all 52 of the year.

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