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Sunday, January 8, 2012

#45: Late Nights

Yesterday I didn't get an opportunity to post, ironically for the reason I am posting this morning. Last night I was out late- which is an anomoly for me. I actually didn't even leave to go out until 9:30-- which is often the time of night that I'm headed to bed! When I was younger, and functioned with an adolescent circadian clock, I always loved the late night hours. The combination of my homebody nature, training programs, apparent need to sleep at least 8 hours to function and adult responsibilities have squelched my inner night owl. But last night I fought off my instincts to clock in another early day.  After a family function I drove up north to meet up with my friends, who were out celebrating Brianna's birthday. I'm thankful for the late nights of my life, as they are a rareity, and the reminder from last night: that sometimes revitilization can come from a night out just as much as a night in.

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