A personal initiative to live more appreciatively

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#56: My Mall

While "retail therapy" is not a form of stress release for me, my mall is a weekday refuge for me. Likely that is because I get to visit my favorite means of escapism, Disney World and reading, by stopping at the Disney Store and a book store. Also, there's something peaceful about a stroll around the mall on a weeknight: it's quiet and there's nothing demanded of me, the antithesis of my daytime hours at school! Of course I know there is likely nothing less significant in my life for me to be thankful for than my mall. But the whole point of this project is to acknowledge 365 aspects of my life for which I am appreciative, from the grand, philosophic and substantive to those that are anything but. Of course, on a fundamental level, I know I have much more to be thankful for everyday. But today, and many days, I am also thankful for the simple luxuries of my life: such as today's relaxing stroll around the mall.

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