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Saturday, January 28, 2012

#66: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I'm thankful for novels like Extremeley Loud & Incredibly Close, novels that are deeply personal and resoundingly universal.
I'm thankful for authors like Jonathan Safran Foer, who find the words that always seem lost.
I'm thankful this book found its way to me this week, of all weeks.

"I thought about all the things that everyone ever says to each other, and how everyone is going to die, whether it's in a millisecond, or days, or months, or 76.5 years, if you were just born. Everything that's born has to die, which means our lives are like skyscrapers. The smoke rises at different speeds, but they're all on fire, and we're all trapped...And how can you say I love you to someone you love?...Here is the point of everything I have been trying to tell you...It's always necessary." - Foer

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