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Thursday, February 9, 2012

#78: Bon Iver

I love the music of Bon Iver. Like most of my musical taste, Bon Iver is mellow and somewhat sad. It's indie folk at it's best, my favorite musical genre. They are up for four Grammy Awards, which will be awarded this weekend. Should they win I am sure they will become much more famous. Of course they are deserving of this, but I relish in these days before they gain a larger following. I've always liked being a fan before mainstream popularity.

"Bon Iver" is French for "Good Winter", and I definitely that's reflective of their band and fitting for the season. I find myself playing their album continuously these days, and love having their music fill up my home. Thanks are also due to Allison, who leaned over to me during a Greg Laswell concert and said, "You have got to download Bon Iver. They are totally your music." And, as usual, she was right.

"Skinny Love"


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