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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#77: Waiting For Superman

As has become tradition, when I am home sick from school I watch a documentary. Today I viewed Waiting For Superman, a film about the plight of American Education. By the end of it I was in tears.

As an educator this hits home for me. I admittedly feel conflicted on a regular basis regarding my role as a teacher. Despite the fact that I care about my students deeply, I do wonder often if there are other career paths for me besides this, because I am exhausted at the end of every day, and sometimes have a hard time seeing if I am truly making a difference. After watching this documentary today I am reminded that I am an individual working in a broken system, in an environment that is villainizing educators and only making it harder for us to move forward and make reparations. My career as an educator is only 6 years in length, but this film reminds me of the great influence and power I have everyday in my classroom, and the fact that the voices of those who want to make changes can be heard.

The film truly does speak for itself. I encourage everyone who is connected to or cares about education to watch it. Tomorrow I return to work reenergized and reinvigorated, and I mean in more ways than merely my health.

"Waiting For Superman" Trailer

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