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Sunday, February 26, 2012

#91: Weekend Workouts

It's so easy for exercise to be lost in the shuffle of weekdays. You're caught late at work, you feel too tired to get up early or workout at day's end, there's limited non-work hours and always so, so, so much to do. That's one of the reasons I appreciate the weekends, because it's often easier to get two quality workouts in over those two days.

This weekend I ran on Saturday and did a 45 minute Bob Harper workout video on Sunday. In all of my former training plans for halfs or the full marathon Sunday was a rest day, but I am coming to realize with age/understanding of my exercise habits that I should workout in some form on Sunday, even if I did a long run the day before. Regular exercise is so important and I am beginning to embrace the weekend as time to kick start that for the week.

This also reiterates an important viewpoint I adopted after reading 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam. This work espouses that believing you "don't have enough time" is a fallacy. There is always enough time; the real struggle is in regards to the choices that we make with how we spend our time. It's taught me to feel less guilty if I can't run or workout midweek-- sometimes I have to make the choice to prioritize work, errands or personal time. But it's also held me accountable. If I want to run and train for races, if I want to exercise for my physical and mental health, then I have to make the choice to get those workouts in sometime...and the weekends make it easy to do that.

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