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Sunday, February 26, 2012

#92: Engagements

Within just a week two of my friends have gotten engaged. I loved getting the news and their stories. It's such an exciting, wonderful time for a couple. Both of my friends, Tara and Tina, are women who have so much love to give. It is wonderful to know that they will be spending their lives with men who make them unbelievably happy, and reflect back into their lives the depth of love they are so deserving of.

Engagements, in general, are really wonderful. When you think about the "news" you get in life, it's usually of the bad variety. I can't even watch local news anymore, because it seems to be negative story after negative story. Maybe that gets more viewership, but I for one would prefer to be surrounded by positivity. That's why I love to hear about engagements...it's news of the happiest variety. Today I am thankful for the engagements of Tina and Tara. You want nothing more for your friends than their happiness, and I am thankful they are at the threshold of their "happily ever afters".

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