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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#96: The Magic Kingdom

The following thought crossed my mind today: "I wish I were in the Magic Kingdom."

This is a thought that is apt to cross my mind any day, and honestly does most days. Today I thought it, in particular, because Disney is running an event in honor of Leap Day called "One More Disney Day." The Magic Kingdom opened this morning at 6 a.m. and, for the first time in history, will remain open for 24 hours. Anyone who knows me is aware of the high regard I hold for sleeping; there are few tradeoffs I would make in life that would result in me not getting a decent night's sleep. That being said, I wouldn't think twice about mustering the energy to stay up 24 hours and spend a full day in the Magic Kingdom.

My first trip to Disney World was when I was 4. Although I don't have vivid recollections of this trip, it is amongst my earliest memories. I remember posing for photos in Mickey's Toontown, being in the audience for a stage show about Mickey's birthday, and the beginning of my love affair with The Haunted Mansion. I didn't return to Disney World again until the fall of 2003, and can officially classify myself as "Disney World obsessed" as I've made visits 3 - 8 all within the past two years. I truly love all aspects of Disney World, but nothing more than the Magic Kingdom.

I appreciate the Magic Kingdom from the moment I walk within its gates. Passing under the train station and onto Main Street feels like crossing over a mythic threshold. Disney's vision was for an idyllic, American Main Street and, in typical Disney fashion, it's exactly that. I can, and have, spend hours wandering in and out of the stores, candy shop and bakery. I could spend a day in the Magic Kingdom and not go on a single ride (besides the Haunted Mansion) and be perfectly content hanging out on Main Street all day.

Cinderella Castle is picturesque, and I love to admire it from every angle. A photo in front of it is quintessential and perfectly captures the essence of Disney magic. From that central location one can travel to any part of the Magic Kingdom, and I appreciate them all, most especially the youthfulness of Fantasy Land and quaint Liberty Square. I love to walk around, look for characters, eat quality junk food, hop on and off rides, and even simply sit and bask in the simple joy of being there.

I've been reading about the events of the ongoing 24 hours of the Magic Kingdom throughout my day. While I can't fight off the feelings of envy for the people who are taking part in such a cool experience, I am also warmed by the sights and sounds of what is truly my happiest place on Earth.

Me with the castle all to myself

Disney Commercial I watch when I need a "Park Fix"
(Gets me every time & I don't even have kids. I'll bawl when I bring my own children there.)

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