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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

#95: Tranquility in Traffic

I left my school today at 4:00, with a few quick stops planned, and assumed I would walk through my front door just after 5:00. Instead it was nearly 6:00 before I arrived home. My stops were as quick, if not quicker, than intended, but traffic was significantly worse.

I admittedly suffer from road "rage", although I think rage is an extreme term. Frustration just builds very easily in me when I drive. For someone who considers herself even-keeled 90% of the time, this agita is distressing in itself. So whenever I remain calm in traffic I am thankful. I'm not sure why I was able to today. Maybe it was the warm temperatures and having the window open a crack, my ability to get lost in NPR, or my acceptance of time in the car as time to reflect and ruminate on my thoughts. Either way, when my commute was extended an additional hour today, it didn't get to me, and that was wonderful. If only I could feel this way every time I am stuck in traffic!

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