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Monday, March 5, 2012

#102: Music Trading

Back when I was in high school I discovered music trading. At the time I didn't have the ability to burn CDs...or a computer newer than 1987. So I couldn't participate in trading, and instead relied on the kindness of strangers and the option of "B & Ps", which was when I would send blank cds and return postage for someone to burn me a copy of whatever show they had. I loved participating in B & Ps in high school, usually spending my study hall in the library arranging them, and was always grateful to get a package in the mail. As a result I've amassed a small collection of Dave Matthews and Counting Crows live shows which I still listen to years later.

I recently revisited some old music websites I frequented, and realized I could actually trade with someone now, nearly a decade later. I arranged a trade and even offered my own B & P. It feels really great to give back to the music trading community. Today I spent some of my evening copying a show for someone in Virginia, and look forward to putting it in the mail tomorrow, knowing it'll make someone's day later in the week.

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