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Monday, March 12, 2012

#108: Daylight Savings Time

Despite the Northeast's record breaking mild winter, I found myself affected by the cool temperatures and lack of sunlight...the January Blues, if you will. I am relatively in tune with my emotional and physical well-being and could literally feel myself deprived of Vitamin D. In fact when Kegan and I went away for President's Day weekend my two destination requirements were sunshine and warmth. Spending time sitting in Orlando sun a few weeks ago was exactly what I needed, and upon my return home I started a countdown to Daylight Savings Time.

My internal clock will need some time to adjust to the time change, but for all intents and purposes, I couldn't be happier that we are officially in Daylight Savings Time. It's such an optimistic time period, the daylight hours lengthening with each passing day. I love knowing I can get home from work, even relatively late, and still get a run in outdoors, or that we can grill for dinner. With near 70 degree temperatures forecasted for the week, it's as if Daylight Savings Time is ushering in a blissful, early Spring, one I eagerly welcome.

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