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Monday, March 26, 2012

#119: Kathleen

Throughout my life my father regularly remarked on how much I reminded him of my cousin, Kathleen. He would freeze in the midst of dinner to chuckle and say, "That's just what Kathleen would say." He'd catch me midconversation, point out a gesture and note, "You have the same mannerisms as your cousin." Reflecting on the personality traits of me and my siblings he'd describe me to a tee and then smile, "...you know, like Kathleen."

Growing up I adored this connection. In my eyes Kathleen was a spit-fire, the youngest child of her family of four, intelligent, well spoken, absolutely hysterical, able to equal the big personalities of the men in our family. On my wedding day there's a photo of me in which I look just like her. One of the coolest aspects of family, I think, is how you can see yourself reflected in your relatives. To share commonalities with Kathleen, to be in some ways her 'mirror image', is awesome.

Over the years Kathleen and I have become closer. She's a total role model for me, especially for her running accomplishments, her identity as a running mom, which I aspire to be someday, and that I consider her to be one of the strongest women I know. She provided me with invaluable advice as I trained for my marathon, and is someone I know I can always count on for encouragement and positivity-- be that in running or in any aspect of my life. The card she sent me after I ran my marathon is pinned to my cork board in my kitchen to this day, a constant reminder that Kathleen is a champion of me and my life, and anyone who knows Kathleen knows there's no one better you'd want rooting for you than her.

Just this week, and the impedance of this reflection, Kathleen mailed me a bracelet. A friend of hers has started her own blog- similar to mine in that it's about positive living and affirmation. In support of her friend, and to draw the connection to my thankfulness blog, Kathleen sent me one of the bracelets. I was so touched by the gesture and the accompanying note. It's quintessential Kathleen: supportive, loving, genuine and generous. I am so thankful to have her in my life, and can only hope to grow more and more like her.

Kathleen and I- sharing in our Boston love

P.S. Check out her friend's project/blog at www.icanbracelets.org. Very cool!

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