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Monday, March 26, 2012

#118: Godmothering

I am the godmother to two of my nieces, Grace and Megan, and, as of yesterday, my nephew Landon. My role as their godmother is one that I truly value. I am so thankful that my brothers, sisters-in-law and brother-in-law all asked me to have this distinction in their children's lives, and one of the charges of my life is to fulfill this responsibility.

Regardless of the religious lives they develop as they age, I want, as their godmother, to instill and encourage in them what I believe it means to live a life of faith: that hope is resonant; to believe in the power of prayer, and the purpose of prayers that go unanswered;  to ask for forgiveness, and forgive easily-- even when it's just of yourself; to treat each day of your life as a blessing; to be honest and loyal in all relationships; to believe in times of darkness in the imminence of light.

As I reflect on the gratefulness I feel to be a godmother to my three godchildren, I can't help but also be thankful for my own godparents. My mother and father wisely and lovingly chose my cousin Patricia and brother Don to be my godparents. They've been awesome ones to have throughout my life. They both live quietly and gracefully, and have always made it known that I can rely on them for any need. I aspire to be as good a godmother to Grace, Megan and Landon as they've been to me.

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