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Friday, March 2, 2012

#99: Libraries

Most young adults my age, on a Friday after work, head to a bar. There are many Fridays that I do this as well, but today I headed to a place where I get a different but equally satisfying happy hour. I went to my town library.

Libraries are my favorite American Institution. For one, where else can you publicly "borrow" stuff? It's this trust in people that is so affirming to me. I always want to believe in the inherent goodness of people, and libraries are founded on belief in that. Furthermore, I endorse any endorsement of reading and its benefits. Naturally libraries, and our continued collective support of them, do this best.

My town library is a place of solace. I love it for its nostalgic qualities; few places remind me more of my childhood than the children's section on the upper floor. I venture up there as an adult, simply to be taken back. On the main floor I can get lost in the stacks; it's a quaint library, but a peaceful one nonetheless. Today I am thankful for my library; it's one of the reasons I am grateful to live in my hometown, because it's another place where I always feel at home.

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