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Thursday, April 5, 2012

#128: Reservoir Run

With the luxury of time this Spring Break, I was able to drive to a local reservoir for my run rather than prattle around town as I usually do. There is a five mile trail loop that is amongst my favorite places to run; I am so thankful that it exists and that I was able to spend some time there again this week.

Trail running is rejuvenating. Your legs feel better pounding out miles on dirt rather than concrete, and it's peaceful to leave behind the cacophony of suburbia as you head into the woods. I'm not the most adventurous of people-- so this reservoir is a great medium. It provides the serene atmosphere of forest running, but it's a flat, well-maintained path with water fountains and bathrooms just off the course--- and I can't get lost! All wonderful attributes of a great place to run. I looped this reservoir many times when training for my marathon on both a 20 and a 22 mile run, and I am so thankful for all tracks I've laid there.

Reservoir Radiance
(photo courtesy of Beckie)

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