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Sunday, April 29, 2012

#150: My Nook

Don't get me wrong, an e-reader will never replace the experience of holding a physical book in my hands, I will always be a supporter and patron of bookstores, and one of the places I feel most at home is at a good library. But today I am feeling thankful for my Nook.

Kegan bought me my Nook for Christmas 2010. I was undecided whether or not I wanted to own one, for fear it would somehow make me less a supporter of my aforementioned reading preferences. Once I  realized those were tenets I will faithfully abide by and always hold in reverence over the e-reader, I started to have a little love affair with my tablet. We downloaded a subscription to Newsweek on it; it's really affordable, is the only way I'd regularly read that publication, and is eco-friendly: win-win-win. An e-reader is great for travel. And today I experienced another reason I love the Nook: on-demand books. I finished the library-borrowed book I was reading and became in need of something to fill a few more hours of my afternoon: moments later I had a new book downloaded, and I never had to leave the couch.

As a child and teenager I did not have home access to modern technology. Growing up without it has made me, as an adult, quite appreciative of the many ways in which technology has become a constant fixture in my life. There are of course drawbacks to this, but they fall to the wayside when I can cozy up with a Nook book. My lazy, literate self celebrates!

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