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Sunday, June 3, 2012

#180: Pete's Homecoming

My coworker Donna jetted off to California today, to be able to greet her son, Pete, an active marine corp officer who returns stateside tomorrow. This was a trip she wasn't sure would happen, so I am thrilled and thankful that it's become a reality. Donna is an all around amazing woman, one who deserves and will inevitably get her own post in this project. One of the qualities I most admire about her is her dedication as a mother. She has two children, a daughter in addition to her son, Pete, and although I do not know them well, I know them through the undying love and admiration she has for them as their mother. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be a military mother-- I cannot imagine the stress, anxiety and worry that must bring. Rarely does Donna show this (although I am sure it's ever present), because through Donna, I've witnessed the other side of being a military mother-- the pride, honor, enduring love and strength. I am grateful for Pete and his sacrifice to our country, to Donna, for hers as well, and that they both get the opportunity to be together on this joyous occasion.

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