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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#208: August

With many of my friends new engaged and in the midst of wedding planning, I am reminded lately of my own experience doing this years ago, and it's caused me to recognize my appreciation for my wedding month of August.

Ideally, I don't think I would have chosen August as a wedding month. The fall is my favorite season, and there is much to be said for the ambiance created by the cool weather, changing leaves, the sense of harvest. But for a teacher who wanted to go on her honeymoon soon after being married, the only logical season for a wedding is summer, and so we settled on August.

Also, I wanted to get as close to the fall months as I could, but August in the Northeast is definitively not autumnal. By the grace of God (and my mother, I think) I was blessed with a truly gorgeous day, weather wise. Warm but not hot, barely humid, bright and sunny-- the perfect summer day. Days like this exist in August, and I've learned to appreciate them. Some years summer seems to extend into September, but many years September ushers in the fall. August, therefore, one must always view as the end of summer, the final weeks to enjoy the wonderfulness that is this time of year.

Maybe it's that I was married during it, but there's something romantic about this month. Even its name is romantic sounding! August (the name and the month itself) reminds me of dusk-- the late afternoon transitioning to early evening, as the calendar year transitions to its near end.   The days are still long, but clearly shortening, giving you time to enjoy the last few summer nights, time to reflect on a wonderful summer that is ending, and to anticipate the beauty of fall on the horizon.

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