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Friday, August 3, 2012

#213: "...all good things..."

A few months ago my sister and I were out shopping in Pennsylvania. We went to a store that featured artwork from local artists, and I discovered a painting that I just kept going back to look at it. Never before had I had the experience of feeling like artwork "spoke" to me, but there was something about this painting that did. We left the store, but within days I was calling to buy it over the phone, taking a cue from Gretchen Rubin and Laura Vanderkam, both who extoll the value of buying things that make you happy.

Now this painting hangs over my bed, and it does make me quite happy. The title of the piece, "...all good things..." speaks to this project and the perspective on life that I try to foster, that there is so much good in our lives. And for me, this painting is such.

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