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Friday, August 3, 2012

#212: Morning Pets with Kennedy

Of our two cats, Kennedy is the introvert. Most people don't know her, or only know of her from the rare glimpses they see as she darts down the hall to hide under our bed when they come over. She's the more apprehensive of the two, and although she's happy to be part of the family when it's just the four of us, she's still a bit withdrawn.

That is, except for in the morning.

When we first wake up, Kennedy is all over us. Kegan wakes up much earlier than I do. If he doesn't find her and spend some time petting her, I hear her start meowing and crying for him to come spend time with her. When I finally get up myself, Kennedy will run from wherever she is to hop up on her cat condo,  where she prefers to be pet, looking at me as if to say, "Well...it's about time!"

Once she's had her fill of affection for the day, Kennedy goes off on her own. She'll sit on the arm of the couches we are on (while Noel is draped across us), she'll lay up in bed with us, but at our feet. She'll cry if we're in separate rooms for too long, needing to know where we are and coming to join us...keeping to a bit of a distance. I'm thankful for these moments with her, but most especially for our morning time together. One of the differences between cats and dogs is that cats are much harder to earn affection from. I know when friends and family see her run away, or don't see her at all, they must assume she's a pet whom we don't have much of a relationship with. But catch that cat first thing in the morning, and she's a whole different animal.

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