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Thursday, August 16, 2012

#232: Friends Who Aren't Scared Of Spiders

My college roommates will tell you that I am pretty brave when it comes to bugs. I was usually the one called upon to deal with the invaders of our college house, and as long as I can trap it or step on it without hearing an audible squish, I'll take care of it.

Spiders, though, are a different story. Little ones don't bother me, but the big ones...forget about it.

Yesterday I somehow managed to get into my car without noticing a huge web that had been constructed from my sideview mirror to my car door. Driving along, I then discovered that I had a passenger- a silver dollar sized, chunky spider was hanging on to said web, despite my highway speeds. I watched, in awe and disgust, as the spider somehow curled up his web, traveling on just a single strand he left behind...and then sought out shelter inside the sideview mirror.

I arrived for my school professional development day and immediately greeted my coworkers. "How's your summer been? That's great. Are you bothered by spiders?"

Luckily my coworker Mark was willing to come help me with my stow-away, so he came out during the lunch break with our friends. He fished the spider out with a twig, and we safely deposited it in a tree....many yards away from my car. I thanked Mark profusely-- I would've been a basket case continuing to drive around with it "in" my car-- and he genuinely and kindly responded with, "That's just what you do." I'm so appreciative Mark is such a great guy...and braver than me when it comes to spiders.

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