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Thursday, August 16, 2012

#233: My Front Stoop

Outside of my house is a small front stoop of three stairs. I was on the phone with Malorie, restlessly walking around my home, and for the last ten minutes of our conversation I ended up sitting out on my front stoop. As I spoke with her I thought to myself, "Why didn't I come out here sooner?" It's a beautiful early evening, cool with a light wind, and I'm soaking in the fresh air and dimming sunshine. My front stoop is an easy place I could sit while I am on the phone, while writing...or just a nice place to sit. I've made a resolution with myself to take more time out here during the late summer and early fall, before the winter chases me inside.

I'm also reminded, sitting out here, how my mom always wanted a front stoop and stairs. My childhood home has a front porch (which is, ironically, what I wish she had). I know, if she could, when she came to visit me she'd sit out here with me, and that makes me smile.

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