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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#257: Shanna

It's likely become repetitive of me to say how grateful I am for working where I do because of, amongst other reasons, the amazing friends I've met as a result of my job. But it's an amazing perk of my job, one that I will be forever appreciative for long after I no longer work there. Shanna is one of those friends, and an amazing one at that.

Shanna is someone about whom, once you become friends with her you think to yourself, "How was there ever a time when I didn't have her in my life?" She's an unbelievably easy person to befriend: gregarious, open, unbelievably friendly and warm, Shanna truly attracts people to her. I love watching Shanna bounce around a room; people around her literally light up in her presence, her laugh is contagious and genuine, she lives with such vivaciousness it inevitably rubs off on her surroundings. Shanna has a "social butterfly" necklace she wears that is so quintessentially her-- she's happy to be happy around everyone, and everyone is inevitably happy to be around her.

Shanna's ability to make friends quickly is only matched by the closeness of her relationships. When you're friends with Shanna you know you're valued: she is generous, giving, quick to offer help, advice, an empathetic ear. She simply loves-- fiercely, and with all of her heart-- the people in her life, and that love is clearly reflected back to her from her husband, family and friends. I love the friendship that I have with her now, knowing we're only going to get closer over the years; I love knowing that when I see Shanna again (whether she's read this or not) I'm going to get a big hug from her because she's "a hugger"; simply, I love Shanna.

Shanna and me, likely up to "Shannanigans"

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  1. Mel,
    You are so amazing! I immediately started crying, as we have both been known to do a bit of that as of late! Thank you. Your words are so kind and I really appreciate our friendship. :)